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Having had a mutually beneficialšbusiness relationship with you over many years I naturally would have supported you in your new venture, Smart Pharmaceuticals. Your senior position in a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer/distributoršhas provided you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the market, from each perspectiveš viz. the consumer, the medical profession as well as theš retail pharmacistš.In your selection of manufacturer, products and packing you have taken full advantage of your experience.
You could be accused of introducing a host of "me too" products onto an already flooded market and admittedly this was my impression prior to examining and selling the products.
However, the specific products are individualisedš-no frills-što suite the patients' requirements e.g. your Vitamin Dšand Iron formulations have no extraneous unwantedš"extras"šadded. From a pricing point of view, the fact that the products are unknown, and stand alongside well marketed respected products and have sold extremely well in my pharmacyšspeaks for itself. We therefore look forward to receiving your line extensions, especially in to-days financial climate when the consumer is most demanding, requiring quality and price i.e. value

Mr Mallach
M-KEM Medicine City


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