Our staff will lead us on the path of success Talent identification and retention of employees has been the secret of our success. Theoretical and practical training is an ongoing process at our company.

About Smart Pharmaceuticals


Smart Pharmaceuticals was founded by Ridwaan Enous in November 2007. Ridwaan is graduate of both UCT and Stellenbosch Universities and has completed two Masters Degrees from these institutions (MSC at UCT and MBA at Stellenbosch).

He has been involved in the Pharmaceutical industry for 17 years. Before founding Smart Pharmaceuticals he was employed in a managerial capacity in a major pharmaceutical company. By doing careful analysis of the market he saw an opportunity for low cost, high quality ranges of pharmaceutical products of various descriptions within complementary, OTC and prescription medicine ranges.

All Smart Pharmaceuticals products are manufactured in India under the highest pharmaceutical standards as per the standards adhered to when manufacturing for GSK, Pfizer, and Abbot etc. By necessity all products are registered by the Medical Council of S.A. ensuring the highest of standards.


Although the Smart Pharmaceuticals products are manufactured and imported at an extremely economical rate, by no means is the standard of quality compromised. In order to prevent deterioration under extreme conditions, attention has been given

to the packaging of each. Smart Pharmaceutical product and packaging is of the highest standard. From the consumer's perspective all Smart Pharmaceutical products are Halaal as well as the fact that elimination of unsavoury flavours and odours of Iron, Vitamin B and other components has been a successfully achieved.

Smart Pharmaceutical products are available to all pharmacies and doctors nationwide.


Our Values


Respect for life, the environment and the law of the land.

Innovation and excellence within our business processes

The satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers

We are honest citizens committed to ethical business practises


Mr Hylton Mallach
M-KEM Pharmacy

" Having had a mutually beneficial business relationship with you over many years I naturally would have supported you in your new venture, Smart Pharmaceuticals"
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